Safe Space Consulting

I work with your team and organisation to facilitate sustainable behaviour & cultural transformation based on the unique needs of your workforce.

Contact me directly for an appointment.

Safe Space Listening                                                                                                                                            $170 AUD/month

This confidential service is for medical, nursing & allied health professionals (and students) anywhere in the world who need a confidential, non-judgmental and productive outlet to air their thoughts, feelings & experiences at work or other areas of life.

Experiences to bring to a session can include:

  • interpersonal conflict

  • impact of bearing witness to suffering, pain, end of life or adverse events

  • patient death

  • colleague death by suicide

  • 'difficult' patients or colleagues

  • persistent memories/triggers of past patients

  • anything causing moral distress.

What you do :

  1. Book a 30 minute session

  2. Turn up on Zoom, phone or Skype

  3. Unload

What I do:

  1. I listen without judgement

  2. I help you explore your situation to gain new insights

  3. I support you to feel empowered about your situation

These sessions can feel therapeutic & provide peace of mind. These sessions are NOT therapy, counseling or a mental health service nor a replacement for mental health support services & workplace debriefing support.

These sessions ARE empowering, confidence-building, healing and mind expanding.

The monthly subscription includes:

  • 4 x 30 minutes sessions/month

  • Unlimited email access with 24 hr response turnaround

  • Flexible scheduling

  • video or audio only formats


If you're having suicidal or self-harming thoughts make sure you're also working with a mental health professional, anonymous service and/or someone you trust.

Mentoring & Coaching                                                                                                                                               $400 AUD/month

This is a service that is an outlet for the all the things you need to get off your chest about work, relationships and any areas that concern you.

It is NOT a counseling, analysis or therapy session.

It IS a conversation with someone who can view your situation with objectivity, help you discover other perspectives and support you to develop clarity about the outcomes you want and some strategies to help you achieve them.

I'm an empathic listener and implementation coach with tightly honed radar for unconscious bias, assumptions & your blind spots that are keeping you stuck in problemland. I share techniques in negotiation, dispute resolution, deflection & empowered communication and use evidence-based coaching methods to help you develop meaningful & achievable goals.

Going through this process is validating, confidence-restoring and problem dissolving.

These are offered on a weekly basis in 50 minute sessions with email support between sessions.

I work with clients to enhance these areas:

  • body image

  • assertiveness & assertive communication

  • overcoming relationship conflict & negotiation

  • courage to speak up & try new things

  • taming inner & outer critics

  • responding to bias, prejudice & disrespectful behaviour

  • confident speaking & calming social anxiety

  • being a powerful introvert

  • self-discipline

  • spiritual development

  • developing joy & creativity

  • growth mindset & reframing

4 x50 minute session every week for one month = $400 AUD.