About Me


I’m a Canadian living Melbourne, Australia. I’m a student of life investigating human experiences, relationship dynamics that cause and heal our emotional wounds and how we can use our language therapeutically to witness people in suffering and joy.

I studied developmental and cancer biology focusing on the role of connective tissue proteins on developmental processes and tumour progression. I learned how the environment of specific cell types influences how those cells behave and move around the organism. I’d come to realise after leaving academic pursuits to explore human experience that I’d been studying how human behaviour is influenced by its environment happening under the microscope and all around me.

It was shortly after dumping my lab coat that I started shadowing oncologists in their interactions with patients and their families that I recognised the ethical dilemmas they grapple with daily without support to process the weight of their experiences with someone who understands the complexity of their culture. Asking them the simple question:

“If you’re the healer, who’s healing you?”

kickstarted an unpredictable, unconventional and unplanned learning journey into creating a new role, services and supports to address this massive void in healthcare.

Professional qualifications & experience:

  • PhD - University of Toronto, Dept of Cells & Systems Biology

  • HonBSc - University of Toronto

  • Ignite Your Spirit Practitioner - Shanti Mission

  • Working in Partnership Foundation Training, Reflective Practice & Self-Care Facilitator - Centre for Community Child Health, Murdoch Children Research Institute & Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

  • Accredited Dispute Resolution Mediation Practitioner - Dept of Justice & Regulation, Victoria

  • Trauma-informed group facilitation

  • Wellschool: Wellness literacy & coaching

  • School of Life Experience & Practice - birth to present

  • Independent research: Placebo Effect, Art of Healing, Compassion fatigue & Burnout prevention, Leadership in Healthcare, Respectful Therapeutic & Professional Partnerships