About Me


Wellbeing educator, mentor & coach for Physicians & Healthcare Professionals

The underlying cause of most problems in life is disconnection between desire & reality.

Problems develop in several ways such as:

* ineffective communication
* focus on negative mindsets and assumptions about the self, others & situations
* trauma & emotional wounds during one’s lifetime
* negative lifestyle & habits
* resistance to change
* perceived or actual barriers in support in all dimensions of life: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

Before I answered the call to dedicate my life to helping medical professionals to be the healers they envision, I was attempting to forge a career investigating cancer research. Medical research was vastly different to basic biology research. One was about seeking to understand how the microcosm influences the macrocosm while the other is about artificially recreating a snapshot of a disease state in the absence of actual human context. The absence of context (ie Bronfenbrenner’s ecological model) made it difficult for me to ‘buy’ into anything that was being produced within cancer research industry. This disillusionment was compounded by a natural talent to accurately perceive the cluster of assumptions & unconscious biases within individuals, groups and entire communities driving research initiatives & practice. I wanted to take this and other skills into the real world so I made the tough decision to leave academia midway through my Postdoc.

This exit from a set career path resulted in a brief and intense period of depression that became the catalyst for a new direction of work & learning. I’ve since delved deeply into study, training, independent research and practice of evidence-based health communication, teaching for higher order thinking, therapeutic relationship building and maintenance, art of healing, spiritual principles, helping people expose unconscious bias & shift their ideas, group facilitation, meditation for behavioural change, ethical use of placebo effect, compassion fatigue & burnout risks+protectors and conflict resolution/transformation.

My ability to accurately perceive all types of bias and hidden assumptions that are both harmful and helpful has lead to incredible opportunities to assist healthcare professionals to develop new thinking & behavioural habits aligned with their values and the reality they desire personally and professionally, and to live & practice the mantra Connection is Medicine.

Professional qualifications & experience:

  • PhD - University of Toronto, Dept of Cells & Systems Biology

  • HonBSc - University of Toronto

  • Ignite Your Spirit Practitioner - Shanti Mission

  • Working in Partnership Foundation Training, Reflective Practice & Self-Care Facilitator - Centre for Community Child Health, Murdoch Children Research Institute & Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne

  • Accredited Dispute Resolution Mediation Practitioner - Dept of Justice & Regulation, Victoria

  • Trauma-informed group facilitation

  • Wellschool: Wellness literacy & coaching

  • School of Life Experience & Practice - birth to present

  • Independent research: Placebo Effect, Art of Healing, Compassion fatigue & Burnout prevention, Leadership in Healthcare, Respectful Therapeutic & Professional Partnerships

SafeSpaceHealth™️ was created in Q2 of 2018 through serendipity ie. being at the right place at the right time with the right attitude after many years of remaining steadfast to my vision of a fulfilled health professional workforce.