Judgement as a teacher


We can get triggered by the way people relate to us or others -through what they say and do, when they do things so differently than how we would.

Behaviours like aggressive sales tactics or health care workers who don't listen can really get on our nerves once we've had the luxury of experiencing other ways of doing business or empathic approaches to care that are more aligned with our vision and how we might behave.

Personally, I would get annoyed when I notice healers, therapists, health professionals and spiritual types speaking and acting from their ego, expressing concrete beliefs as truth under the guise of guidance, cherry-picked evidence and spiritual wisdom. I have a good BS meter for this so when it goes off, I feel triggered.

But this is the thing: if we're triggered by those behaviours then it's OUR issue. There's something we're being shown about ourselves. Something we're judging harshly or disowning that no amount of positive thinking is placating.

Perhaps, once upon a time, it was a way we needed to conduct ourselves to build confidence and feel successful before we were ready to consider other methods. That approach or information was our truth at the time and it worked for us then.

Judging someone's method of relating is as ridiculous as the butterfly judging the larva, when the butterfly could not exist without having gone through its larval stages.

Next time you get triggered by whatever behaviour you judge as inappropriate or primitive:

DO have GRATITUDE for that person for showing you how much you've changed and that you no longer need to use those methods to achieve your goals.

DON'T go into superiority or believe that you're more evolved than that person. That keeps you in judgement, arrogance and blocks compassion.

DO revel in the fact that the person is showing you how much you've developed your virtues like: patience, wisdom, humility, self-love, acceptance and so on. These are the qualities of your soul that you've embodied.

DO send love to that old version of you for helping you get to where you are today.

Most importantly - the person is NOT the behaviour. We are each the sun with some dark spots. Zoom out of the dark spots to view the sun. As you do this for others, you're helping yourself and able to tap into compassion.

Blessings of self-love to you all,