Who do you work for?

What if I were to tell you that your real job has nothing to do with what you do for income?

That the things you're striving for like success, material wealth, love, approval are getting in the way of doing your job?

Consider who you are underneath the veneer of professional labels and identities. What if your ability to perform in your job disappeared?

What if all your clients and work dried up, the requests to see you stopped coming- would you suddenly feel like you couldn't live purposefully or would you become free to be who you actually are?

My tip is to spend time off the radar doing nothing, no retreats, no studying, no human
contact, no FB scrolling and notice the emotions that emerge, the fear, anger, indifference, bliss.

I call this the achievement detox.

It's important to come back to yourself and remember why you matter - not for what you produce, but because you exist.