Understanding uncomfortable emotions

Sorrow, grief, sadness, anger, jealousy, discomfort, fear and shame are all GORGEOUS emotions.

Yes, you read correctly.

They're part of the beautiful spectrum of existence and life. They have messages for each of us about our desires and where we'd like to be in our lives.

Resisting them, shaming others for feeling them, shaming ourselves for experiencing them after healings/inner work/positive thinking/insert any spiritual bypass tools here, avoiding them for fear they'll drop your vibration and negatively effect your business or relationships are ironically, what will drop your vibration and get you stuck.

We also get stuck when we're trying to understand the story behind the emotion. We ask 'why am I feeling like this?'. We need a reason! Why? Do we ask happiness for its reason? Joy? Contentment? Or are we more accepting of these and wish to feel them forever?

Negative emotions are no different and looking for a rationale to justify their presence or not allowing ourselves to experience the full depth of those emotions only prolongs their presence. This creates pain and suffering.

Don't give your power away to creating a story to justify that emotion.

Don't put your emotions in boxes labelled 'FEEL' 'DON'T FEEL'. They're big loads to keep carrying.

It's draining and pointless because there is no story. It's just a neutral & natural emotion that can feel great or feel like we're in the pit of hell. This is not failure - this is being human.