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Nathalie Martinek, PhD

I help people learn how to share power and how to notice when it’s not happening. I provide support to use our language and communication skills to create clear boundaries for safe relationships in life and learning/training environments. I enjoy helping people extract themselves from disempowering relating dynamics and to use their strengths to transform their relationships.

Being a cancer biologist and researcher showed me more than mechanisms of tumour progression. I learned from my environment that cancerous behaviours metastasise in conditions that support that culture. I became more interested in studying humans in their own contexts than anything happening in a petri dish or under a microscope. Through years of diverse learning/training experiences, observation, implementation and personal transformation, I noticed the patterns in human behaviour and relating dynamics that promote and prevent empowered relating dynamics. I share what I’ve learned here and beyond.

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Melbourne, Australia

Outside Australia: +61 431 663 373 In Australia: 0431 663 373

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